Callaway County, Missouri

501 Court Street
P.O. Box 6073
Fulton, Missouri      65251-6073

Joseph Scholl Family Cemetery

Cemetery # CA265

The Joseph B. Scholl Jr. Family Cemetery is located in Eastern Callaway County, Missouri, not too distant from the Montgomery County line. At the request of the property owners, the exact location of the cemetery is not being revealed.

 The middle of Joseph Scholl Family Cemetery
Barbara Huddleston, Director, KCHSoc, in the center of Joseph B. Scholl Family Cemetery.

Cemetery Listing

  1. Jesse Boone Scholl *, b. 17 Oct, 1791 - d. 1 Aug 1841 (in Callaway Co. MO m. Elizabeth MILLER and settled in St. Charles Co., MO in 1811.)
  2. Jesse L. Nunnelly ***, son of E. & E.M. Nunnelly, b. 28 Mar 1851; d. 14 Aug 1868
  3. Marcia H. Scholl **, dau of Jesse G. & Eliza SCHOLL, b. 12 Apr 1834; d. (unmarried) 28 Jan 1856
  4. Joseph Scholl Jr. *, b. 15 Jun 1800 (in Clark Co, KY;) d. 10 May 1884, (in Callaway Co. MO; Married 1st, 28 Apr 1824 to Rebecca VAN METER MILLER of KY(d. 1829); and 2nd, 24 Feb 1831 in Callaway Co., MO to Eliza Ann BROUGHTON b. 12 Oct, 1812 in Bourbon Co. KY; d. 1 Apr 1886, daughter of Job and Betsy Broughton. Joseph Scholl Jr. moved to Callaway Co., MO in 1820.)
  5. Cyrus Rector Scholl M.D. **, b. 18 Nov 1824; d. 28 Aug 1872. (Married 3 Oct 1852 to Mary Jane MAUGHAS)
  6. W. Montgomery Scholl ***, son of C.R. & M.J. SCHOLL, d. 7 Mar. 1870 aged 1 Yr 3 Mo 10 Ds (added based on tombstone)
  7. Leona L. Scholl ***, dau of C.R. & M.J. SCHOLL, d. 24 July 1863 aged 1 Yr 4 Mo 19Ds (added based on tombstone)
  8. Dorathey A. Scholl ***, dau of C.R. & M.J. SCHOLL, d. 15 Sept. 1855 aged 2 Yr 2 Mo 7 Ds (added based on tombstone)
  9. Geneva M. Scholl ***, dau of C.R. & M.J. SCHOLL, d. 01 Sept. 1855 aged 08 Mo. 27 Ds. (added based on tombstone)
  10. William M. Scholl **, son of Joseph B. & Anabell Scholl, d. Nov. 25, 18?? Aged ??????????.. (added based on tombstone)
  11. Mordecai Mortimer Maughas M.D., of Falmouth, VA., 16 June 1864 aged 68 Yrs. 12 ds. , (Father of Mary Jane Maughas Scholl. Dr. Maughas was a member of House of Representatives Montgomery Co. 1838, Senate 13th Congressional District 1846, and first State Geologist. ( ) )
  12. Unknown Burials, This cemetery contains at least six (6) other field stones that are used as burial markers and there may be other engraved tombstones that have not as yet been uncovered.

    * - Grandchild of Daniel Boone.
    ** - Great-Grandchild of Daniel Boone.
    *** - Great-Great-Grandchild of Daniel Boone.

 Edith Dixon & Paul A. Johnson at work
Edith Dixon & Paul A. Johnson take listing information from downed and covered stone.

This cemetery, and the John Scholl Family Cemetery, are among the recently discovered cemeteries that previously there was no general knowledge of existance and no published listings of burials. These cemeteries were discovered by Edith Dixon of Readsville, MO, who, as a volunteer for the Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society has added more previously unknown cemeteries to the catalog of cemeteries of Callaway County than any other single person.

The Joseph B. Scholl family cemetery is very much like the majority of the county's remote family cemeteries, being unfenced and heavily overgrown by trees and vegitation, with tombstones and other markers knocked down by cattle; however this cemetery has fared better than most owing to the fact that most of the stones have become buried. When stones become buried they are less likely to sustain further damage from the cattle and are less affected by the elements. This cemetery, like many others in the county, was well on its' way to extinction.

 Tombstone of Mordecai Mortimer Maughas, M.D.
Tombstone of Mordecai Mortimer Maughas, M.D. found buried.

Digital photographs of this cemetery and individual stones contained within are being maintained by the Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society and are available for viewing at that location. Re-publication of these photos and this cemetery listing only by the special permission of the Director, KCHSoc.