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   New Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society Website.

      The Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society's purpose and objectives are as follows: to collect, preserve, and make accessible, printed matter, photos, digital medium, and other items of historical interest and importance to Callaway County, Missouri, and to distribute historical information through publication, correspondence and pre-scheduled tours of our facility.

      Your membership is very important to us, as it plays a major part in our collective efforts to keep the Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society alive. This continued community support allows us to preserve, display, and educate the public about our county's rich heritage. We do not want to lose you! As a valued member you are an important part of this oranization. We really need you! As a member you will, of course, continue to receive the newsletter and membership discounts on all of the Historical Society's publications.

      If you are a previous member, we thank you for your past and hopefully, continued support in this important work. If you are a new or prospective member, we tell you that it is your interest in preservation of our heritage that makes us strive to do better and work harder. We hope you realize that there is a place for you here in continuing and expanding our efforts.

The New Callawegian Society

The Board of Directors has established a new giving club to help us meet future needs and projects of the Society. "The Callawegian Society" will be for those giving $100(Silver), $250(Gold) and $500(Platinum) annually.

At the Annual Meeting, October 24th, we will recognize these new members and those who wish to upgrade their membership before that date. Along with this recognition, these new members will receive the following gifts of appreciation:

  • Membership Level and Gift
  • Silver Level ($100) - One CD from KCHS's Membership Collection($20 value) and 3-flag set ($15 value) *
  • Gold Level ($250) - 2 tickets to KCHS Annual Meeting dinner ($30 value), 3-flag set ($15 value), and $25 voucher for research services *
  • Platinum Level ($500) - 2 tickets to KCHS Annual Meeting dinner ($30 value), 3-flag set ($15 value), and $50 voucher for research services *

      If you are interested in joining us you may stop by the Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society museum at 513 Court Street, call us at (573)-642-0570, use the e-mail capabilities on the main page of this web site, or 'click here (pdf)' to display an application form for printing.¬†We will look forward to seeing you. Our membership prices are as follows.

Individual Membership   $25.00
Family Membership   $40.00
Patron   $75.00
Corporate Membership   $100.00
Silver Level *   $100.00
Gold Level *   $250.00
Platinum Level *   $500.00

With costs rising, the board has voted to increase the basic Individual Membership and Family Membership levels by $5 after the Annual Meeting. Another category, Patron, for $75 has also been added to the list. Remember, all members receive discounts on gif shop items, on events and access to the members-only "Callawegian" website. Together, we are continuing our mission of collecting, preserving and sharing Callaway's history. So we Thank You for your membership support.

      We hope that you will visit us at our Museum and Library at 513 Court Street, Fulton, Missouri, view our exhibits, meet our friendly volunteer staff, and join us with your membership and involvement in our programs. Quarterly meetings are held in April, June, September, and November. Your dues are tax dedictible.¬†Please make checks payable to the Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society.

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