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Photograph Archival - Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society Callaway County, Missouri

Recently the Kingdom of Callaway Historical has acquired the proper materials necessary to archive your precious family photos for the future. KCHSoc has received a grant from the Missouri State Archives for archival supplies necessary to archive old photos of your families and photos significant to the history of the county and of the state. This grant included acid free folders and sleeves, archival boxes, special shelving, and other ancillary supplies necessary for proper long term archival of photos as well as UV protectant sleves for existing lighting. We are now physically equipped to archive your photos and are currently soliciting your submissions. We want to stress the importance of proper storage of these old photos so that they will be with us for quite some time to come. We recommend that these photos be reproduced in some manner and the derivative images used in your scrapbooks or hanging on the wall exposed to sunlight rather than having the originals used in this manner. The original old photo should be placed in an archival sleeve and stored in a temperature and humidity controlled location out of exposure to harmful sunlight. If the photos are of extreme value, protection from the effects of water or fire are also important. We wish to remind you that our digitization staff is familiar with digital archival standards and image enhancement and repair, and will normally be able to present you with acceptable photo quality from marginal photos.

In addition to physically storing your photos for the future, the Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society has received computer equipment necessary to digitally archive and make available to the public for the future these same photos as a generous gift of a benefactor to the Historical Society. In addition to digitizing these photographs, the new Historical Combined Atlas of Callaway County (1876 - 1897 - 1919 - 1936) on CD-ROM was created and made available to the public using this new digitization technology. In the event that you do not desire for us to physically archive your photos, we can scan your photos in accordance with digital archival standards, saving the image for our records and making it available for future generations while you can retain the originals. You may opt, at any time, to place the originals in our safekeeping if you so choose. If you choose this option, we will ask you to fill out a form which will help us identify the photo and its contents and to allow us to share derivative images with other interested individuals. We provide below, for download, the authorization form which will help us identify the picture and its contents and to allow us to make these archival images available to the public at the discretion of the Historical Society Board.

The third option that we wish to offer you is the opportunity to digitally scan, enhance, and archive on CD-ROM, your own photos, in complete accord with accepted digital archival standards. If you choose to make your archival images available to the public, they will be treated as in the second option, above. The following web links and information is provided to allow you to become familiar with digital archival standards so that future generations are not deprived of the benefits of their existance. We invite you to consult with our digital archival staff with questions relating to digital archival of these old and precious photos and with regard to appropriate standards below.

KCHSoc Digitized Photo Database - Now available to museum visitors.

KCHSoc Digitization Aids

Blank MS Access database file for archival indexing

Digitization Standards

National Archives & Records Administration Digitization Standards Summary

National Archives & Records Administration Digitization Standards

Mo. State Archives Digitization Standards

Virtually Missouri Digitization Standards (bottom page #4)

Library of Congress Digitization Standards

    Adobe Acrobat Download (free)

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