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   Privacy Statement - Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society Website.

Callaway County, Missouri

Privacy Statement

With your permission, the information collected from our membership application process may be used by Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society, KCHSoc, to contact you for Historical Society purposes. We do not currently share your membership contact information with third parties and it would be used only for KCHSoc newsletters, KCHSoc general information or business, or for other KCHSoc promotional purposes, and we will only do so in the future only with your prior approval. We do hope to encrease our reliance upon electronic communications to provide you with more and better information, in a more timely manner, and at a lower cost. If you have signed up with useage allowed and wish to change your status to not to be contacted, please email us via the Contact links in the top navigation bar on the main web page and we will change your status.

Will my membership contact information be disclosed to third parties?
At KCHSoc, we have a firm commitment to protecting your privacy and security as our member. We do not currently share your individual membership information with third parties. With your prior approval, we reserve the right to share your membership contact information in the future with select parties that KCHSoc believes will be of interest to you.††KCHSoc reserves the right to cooperate with law enforcement officials in the investigation of alleged unlawful activities of our members related to electronic communication transmitted on our site. KCHSoc will have no legal liability for such disclosures.

Site Usage Patterns
KCHSoc does not use 'cookies' (see discussion below) on this site! Use of 'cookies' would allow us to collect and analyzes the useage patterns of our visitors to our web site. Although this information may be used to develop a better site for our members and visitors, we deem it to be sensitive information and choose not to collect user access information. However; we reserve the right to opt for the collection of site useage information in the future, only after advising all members of KCHSoc. Site usage pattern information for individual members will always be protected from this disclosure, if collection should ever be implimented.

Address Book
KCHSoc provides you with the opportunity to opt out of our electronic or e-mail address book to protect you from unwarranted intrusion into your private life. Address book information is considered highly confidential and will not be used for promotional purposes other than by KCHSoc or intentionally disclosed to third parties without your prior approval. You do need to be aware; however that e-mails with multiple e-mail addresses exposes your e-mail address to all other parties that are on the distribution list for that particular e-mail communication. With the limited time and volunteer staff of KCHSoc we have no other option but to initiate e-mail to multiple e-mail addresses for routine communication such as electronic newsletters and new publications notices. KCHSoc will make all possible efforts to assure that the Membership e-mail list is maintained separate from all other contact/distribution lists. With this coming electronic age, we feel that to better serve you the member or visitor, KCHSoc should be allowed the opportunity to contact you for general purposes via e-mail with the trust that we will not abuse this privilege.

Reminder Notifications
KCHSoc provides you with the opportunity receive reminders for important holidays and occasions or special events concerning Callaway County, Missouri. The reminders we send at your request will often include links to our site for relevant products, newsletters, special articles, and other KCHSoc content. Reminder notification information is considered confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties.

Is it safe to make online purchases from KCHSoc?
Shopping online is not possible at this time.††We do not have the facilities to accept credit card or other related electronic transactions.††As of this time we are prepared to accept checks on your personal or business accounts preferrably.††For your security and ours as well we request that you do not send cash in payment for orders.

Contact Us
We use email links on the Contact links in the navigation bar and bottom of the body of the main page to allow you to contact us directly with any questions or comments you may have. We read every message and try to reply promptly to every one. This information is used to respond directly to your questions or comments. We may also file your comments and share them with our membership team to improve our service in the future. Your personal information will only be shared with third parties in the event that we need to follow up with specific order or request related questions or comments; the third parties will not be appraised of your e-mail address if possible or use your information for promotional purposes.

How do I tell KCHSoc that I donít want to be contacted by KCHSoc?
When you establish a KCHSoc membership, you may indicate that you want to receive information from KCHSoc regarding news about KCHSoc products, services and events. If you do not want to be contacted by KCHSoc for these purposes, you may indicate your preference by changing your membership indicator at the time of enrollment or by advising KCHSoc by e-mail or regular mail that you wish a change in your contact status.††E-mail contact information is provided on the main page of this web site and KCHSoc mail address is provided there as well as near the bottom of this page.

Are my e-mail messages confidential?
Your e-mail messages are always considered confidential and securely protected. E-mail will only be accessed when in rare circumstances it is necessary for the purpose of completing your requests. The recipient's email address is not used for any other purpose than to send them the e-mail.

What are 'cookies' and does KCHSoc use them?
A cookie is a small file that can be stored on your computerís hard drive. KCHSoc does not use cookies to provide features like auto-login and to determine when members or visitors have previously visited our site. Since our web site does not use cookies we do not collect or record any personal information about you other than what was provided on your membership application. You may choose to set your browser to reject cookies at any time for this or all other web sites to minimize the collection of your personal information.

How will I know when KCHSoc changes its privacy policy?
Our privacy policy is regularly reviewed to make sure we continue to serve the privacy interests of our members. We reserve the right to change and update the privacy policy, and these changes will be posted on our web site. We encourage you to visit this page from time to time to ensure you are aware of any changes we may have made.

How can I contact KCHSoc if I have concerns regarding my privacy?
If you have questions at any time regarding our privacy policy, you may contact KCHSoc by using the Contact link in the navigation bar or bottom of the body of the main page, by phone at (573)-642-0570 or by sending a note to the following address:

Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society
P.O. Box 6073
513 Court Street
Fulton, MO ††65251-6073

Does KCHSoc ensure the privacy practices of other sites to which it provides links?
While we carefully select the Web sites to which we link; however we are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of these Web sites and do not attempt to monitor or influence their privacy practices.

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