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KCHSoc Volunteers - Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society Callaway County, Missouri


KCHSoc Needs Volunteers

Volunteerism is not limited to the categories below. If you have other skills or have an extreme interest in Callaway history or genealogy, your talents are needed.
If you have computer skills which include graphic arts, scanning, key data entry, digital photography and more, please consider volunteering some of your time.
Do you meet the public well and find yourself at home in a museum setting? Your skills are needed in our museum. Consider volunteering.
Do you know the people and the land of Callaway County well in a particular area of the county? Please volunteer to work with others to help document your area of the county.


Volunteers to work on Photo Organization Project:
    When working on this project, each step must be completed before proceeding to the next step.
  • Step 1: Sort photos by identified or unidentified and place in the appropriate stack.
  • Step 2: Sort the identified stack by size of photo.
  • Step 3: Sort each size photo into type of photo, i.e. individual, family, clubs, towns, businesses, churches, schools, etc.
This project requires being able to work upstairs. You choose your own hours of work and can bring a friend to work with you and you don't have to be a Society member to participate.


Persons interested in volunteering one day per month to greet visitors and handle gift shop sales. Knowledge of Callaway County helpful but not required. Hours: 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. Tuesday through Friday. Call 642-0570.

Taken from the May 2001 issue of "The Callewegian", the newsletter of the Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society.

Make a difference Ė
Join a Genealogical or Historical Society

Since family information has become so available on the Internet, many people donít realize the vital role still played by local genealogical societies. While all of the press and excitement has been focused online, these organizations have quietly gone about their business of preserving history and making it available to the world. Societies come in many different flavors but mainly are . . .

  • Geographically based.
  • Surname focused.
  • Event focused.
  • Ethnicity focused.
  • They almost all have one thing in common Ė they are managed and run by volunteers.

These organizations are experts at ďmaking doĒ with the resources at hand, leveraging facilities, information, and personnel into viable organizations that preserve our heritage for future generations. Generally these societies are organized as non-profit corporations and those without such legal designation are still just trying to break even. No matter where you live, there is likely such an organization near you. Continued support from current and future members and friends will keep them viable.

Here are a few good reasons why you should join these people and make a difference.

Meet People: A local organization is a great place to meet people who truly care about history and families; people who can teach you wonderful lessons about research, history, and life. We have all used the services of a society that houses the archives and genealogical library for a local town or county. Just think back on that experience Ė helpful people providing accurate and timely information for the cost of copies, shipping, or a small donation. You can work directly with these people, learn from them, and help each other as you search for your family.

Itís fun: Do you remember the first time you stared at the record in front of you before breaking into whoops of joy at finding your long-lost ancestor? Do you remember the days of excitement while you told your family about the discovery? We only get a few of those moments usually scattered over the years of searching. You can gather a few more of these moments vicariously through your local genealogy society. When you find an ancestor for someone else, it is almost as much fun as finding your own. Society offices, museums, and libraries are filled with excitement and stories of these wonderful moments shared together.

One good deed deserves another: I joined the Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society in Fulton six years ago when they helped me climb over one of the brick walls that occasionally block our research path. Their diligence and knowledge of the local archives produced the Probate records that brought a flood of new information for me. The cost for copies and mailing was minimal. By far the biggest bargain I have received. I sent a check for a personal membership in lieu of the charge. I donít even live near Callaway County, but the membership has continued to produce information about my family there including biographies of members of the family and details about their lives. Please consider joining a historical society and participating as a member and as a volunteer.

Donate your talents: Donít have money available to join? Donate your time and talent. Societies are always looking for people with all kinds of talents Ė or people with time to do all kinds of tasks. Can you organize, answer phones, research data? Are you interested in transcribing documents, indexing, raising money, promoting the group? Whatever your talents and interests, the local society can use them and you will reap the rewards of helping other people Ė sometimes people you have never met.

Donate money: Donít have time to join and play an active part? Societies can always use donations to improve their displays, repair the plumbing, or pay the light bills. Money is always appreciated in a non-profit organization. You never know what the needs are until you ask. My suggestion is that you allow the local group to decide how to best spend your donation; donít attach any strings to the donation. Those who are active on committees and boards are in the best position to spend the money in the best possible way.

You can make a difference Ė donít delay. Join a society today! See how you can help Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society by volunteering as noted above..

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